A community of Catholic educational institutions centered on Jesus Christ,

journeying together with the Church and society

marked by communion, participation, and mission

towards institutional and social transformation


Solidarity and synodality

  • National-level activities of the Association strengthened
  • Regional-level activities of the Association aligned with the National programs
  • Activities of member-schools supporting each other and benefitting from each other's strengths intensified

Transformative Education

  • Catholic identity of CEAP member schools promoted and strengthened through PCSS
  • Integral Education, Christian Formation, and Lifelong Learning of school stakeholders through JEEPGY and other programs implemented
  • Efforts to address learning poverty and learning loss initiated and supported

Discernment & Advocacy

  • Spaces and structures of conversation, dialogue, discernment, and truth-telling at various levels in the CEAP community provided, promoted, and sustained
  • CEAP's role and involvement with partners, linkages, and networks in advocacy work at the local, regional, national, and international levels strengthened
  • Commitments of the Global Compact on Education operationalized